To Preread or Not To Preread

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Any teacher that has ever worked with reading, ie all of us, have at some point talked to students about prereading.  This is the basic instinct for teachers to help students have an idea of what they are reading, and in particular, help those with little to no background knowledge.  Prereading is a skill that many teachers have been teaching in their classrooms for centuries, literally.  But, as the new common core standards are being rolled out many educators are finding that prereading is no longer seen as important.  It is being “curtailed and revamped”.

The initial online reaction to this has been an uproar from the education community, some claiming that the writers of the standards are trying to “ban” prereading in classes while others supporting the standards say that it is just changing the focus.  Supporters show that in the writing of the standards is the phrase that ““text should be central” in instruction, “and surrounding materials should included only when necessary, so as not to district from the text itself.””  The Education Week article ‘Common Standards Ignite Debate Over Prereading’ discusses both sides of the issue and what it means to teachers.

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